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The Most Intuitive Patent Search Tool in the World

Discover a revolutionary and user-friendly software solution designed to simplify the process of searching for patents, making the process easy for inventors, researchers, and legal professionals to find valuable information quickly and effortlessly. No training needed for using our Agents, which saves precious time and puts you in contact with the best technology information available.

The Best technology trends prediction

Our Agents deliver comprehensive market analysis and forecasting services that empowers you to anticipate the latest advancements in technology, providing accurate predictions and actionable insights. Gain a competitive advantage, make informed decisions, and future-proof your strategies with our unparalleled technology trends predictions solution.

stakeholder intelligence and monitoring

A collaboration with our partners at Agents.Inc. By leveraging advanced data analytics and monitoring tools, this service allows businesses to proactively track, analyze, and interpret the activities and sentiments of key stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, investors, partners, and regulators. It is a strategic approach that empowers organizations to gain a deep understanding of their stakeholders, their interests, and their impact on the business.



AI empowers Data-Driven Innovation

Highlighted Features

make innovation easier and faster!

Advanced Search Models

The Agents employ state-of-the-art search algorithms and models that ensure highly accurate and relevant search results, eliminating the need for users to sift through irrelevant information

Natural Language Processing

The Agents have the best natural language processing capabilities, allowing users to input search queries in plain language, making the search process more user-friendly and eliminating the need for complex search syntax. No key-words needed.

Real-time Notifications

Our solutions can provide real-time alerts and notifications for new patent filings, updates on relevant technologies, and changes in patent landscape, ensuring users stay up-to-date with the latest developments

Visualized Results

Our software solutions can present patent search results in a visually organized manner, using graphs, charts, and interactive visualizations to help users quickly identify trends, patterns, and key insights

Personalized User Profiles

Users can create personalized profiles that store search history, preferences, and frequently used filters, enabling faster and more efficient searches tailored to their specific needs

Collaboration Tools

Integrated collaboration features allow multiple users to collaborate on patent searches, share findings, and discuss potential opportunities within the technology's interface

Smart Insights

Utilizing machine learning, the Agents offer intelligent insights and recommendations based on user search history, helping users discover relevant patents they might have otherwise missed

User Training and Support

The system provides comprehensive onboarding resources, tutorials, and responsive customer support to ensure users maximize its potential, regardless of their level of expertise in patent searching

Cross-reference with Industry Data

Our solution is capable of integrating with industry-specific databases and market trends, enabling users to contextualize patent information within broader industry contexts


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"NeoPTO's Agents help in our searching processes and in getting better results."
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"This is a technology that suits our innovation projects. The ease of use is impressive."
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director - incor
"The Patent Agent delivers great value in the filing and application of new patents."
yuri basile
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